Apps to Buy and Sell Vintage Furniture and Accessories

Looking to buy or sell vintage furniture and accessories? The following apps make it affordable, easy, and actually pretty fun to do exactly that:

Chairish (iOS)

Whether you have a Hollywood Regency dresser, antique bed frame, a Boho Chic swivel chair, or a mid-century modern table – that you just have no room for or that does not match your current theme, don’t put it in a storage locker or garage for posterity because you can put it on Chairish for free. This app makes buying and selling vintage furniture highly convenient. To post an item, simply take a picture of it, choose a price, and write a description. After that, all you will need to do is track your listings and respond to offers from buyers via your smartphone.

5miles (Android, iOS)

5miles is another app that makes it easier to buy or sell antique furniture and other items e.g. poison ring, jewelry, electronics, clothing, etc. The app utilizes your GPS location to reach potential buyers in your area who are looking to buy similar items. To list an item, simply tap the List option, add up to two photos of it, text, title, category, price, and other related information and publish. 5miles uses additional verification methods to ensure safety of both buyers and sellers. Furthermore, reviewed and rated buyers can only send you offers and questions via the messaging system of the app. Your exact location is never revealed.

OfferUp (Android, iOS)

OfferUp is a popular app that has been designed to buy or sell used items locally. For the safety of sellers, buyers must register their account via Facebook or email and they only get general location of the seller. Listing an item is pretty easy. Simply use the camera button to take pictures of your item, describe and categorize it, and use the slider to match the condition of the item. Next, set your price and answer the “Firm on price?” question with Yes or No toggle. After that, all you will need to do is wait for the offers from potential buyers.

Move Loot (Android, iOS)

Buying or selling antique furniture, accessories, and other such items is easier with Move Loot. Unlike most other buy & sell apps, Move Loot is a full-service marketplace. What this means is that the brand will actually pick the items you want to sell after appraisal and store them in a warehouse for up to 60 days until someone buys them. After that, you can either donate the items to a local charity or have them returned by paying the fee.

Listia (Android, iOS)

Listia is another app that allows you to easily buy or sells wide variety of things e.g. antique bed frame, electronics, vintage jewelry, poison ring, rugs, and more. The app basically helps you sell any of your unused items. Listing items is easy. Simply take a photograph of the item, add the required details, and post it. With this app, you can also give items away in exchange for credits to buy stuff from other users.