Bedroom Rug Design Ideas

Bedroom rugs can be used to enhance the color and elegance of your room. They have the potential to completely reform the look of your bedroom and give it a fresh, new feel. But where exactly should you place your bedroom rug? Are there any guidelines or rules to follow? Well, yes and no. There is a general rule about rugs under beds but there is are lot of options for customization. Simply positioning the rug in different configurations allows you to achieve different results.

Following are some bedroom rug design ideas:

Comfortable, Cozy Tradition

A general rule of thumb when it comes to placement of bedroom rugs is that the rug should extend about 12-18 inches from the foot and sides of the bed.

If your bedroom is large, then it is recommended that you extend the rug even further out from your bed. When you position your rug by this rule, it will help give your room a comfortable and cozy feel. Not to mention it will create a more traditional look as well because the rug placement is classic.

Modern Flair

If you want to go for the modern flair, then it is recommended that you place the rug diagonally to the bed. This is a fun way to give the room a modernized look. Regardless of what style of color of rug you use, it will surely give your bedroom an avant-garde character. Even the relatively cheap rugs will do well for this setting.

Bedroom Rug

Color Accent

This is another idea for bedroom rugs that will break the rugs under beds rule. You simply need to use a smaller rug and position it near your bed’s foot. After that, anchor the rug beneath the bed’s foot. Make sure to tuck at least a foot of the rug under your bed. This setting will extend a color accent that will enhance the overall look of the bedroom.

Cutting Edge Asymmetry

This is another bedroom rug idea which works well with relatively cheap rugs. It is similar to using bedroom rugs for a color accent. When anchoring the rug under your bed’s foot, make sure to allow it to extend out past only one side of your bed. Since the rug won’t be centered under your bed, it will create a styling that feels more current.

Practical Function

If you want to use cheap rugs and only care about the cushioning and warmth that the rug has to offer your feet, then it is recommended that you position the rug in a way that it extends out from the sides of your bed. If your bed is against the wall, the it is recommended that you let the rug extend out from the bed into the room. Not only will this give you the most usable rug space, but this setting will also provide the largest amount of texture and color impact from your rug.

Now that you know how impactful bedroom rug placement is for the design of a bedroom, you can use the above listed ideas to add function and/or style to your bedroom décor.