Bedroom Rugs

Simple, elegant, but cheap rugs are an ideal solution for those who feel like their bedroom is missing something. These rugs can make all the difference when it comes to adding something to brighten up a part of the bedroom or adding a little bit extra to the new bedroom sitting area. Following are some of the best and creative bedroom rug ideas:

Almost Wall-to-Wall

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Most people don’t want someone to install wall-to-wall carpeting, so they choose to buy large rugs instead. There are large yet cheap rugs available on the market that can take up the entire room. You can sit your modern bed perfectly atop of your rug and with proper selection, you can ensure that it goes well with the color scheme of the bed décor and spread.

Vintage and Sophisticated

If you want to create a vintage and sophisticated feel in your bedroom, then it is recommended that you have the rug under your bed. The rug will also protect your hardwood floor from scratching the surface so this bedroom rug idea is a no-brainer for most people. With a little creativity and careful selection, you can make sure that the rug goes well with the color scheme of the room. You can easily find a suitable piece on rugs for sale on the market. If you want, choose bright color for the rug so that it stands out.


If you are one of those people who love minimalism, then this bedroom rug idea would be suitable for your taste. Colors you can choose are brown, blue, and white. If your bedroom has a white bed spread and blue wall, then the big blue rug will create the design that will be minimalistic and modern. Although the rug might look plain, it will pull the entire room together.

Classic Elegance

This is romantic bedroom rug idea which is ideal for couples. You can find a classic style rug easily on an online or local store. If you want to add something special, then consider buying an antique rug. You can buy those from antique rugs for sale store in your area. Make sure that you buy a rug large enough that it covers a good portion of your hardwood floor.

Fancy Patterns

If you think that your bedroom looks a little small, then it is recommended that you add patterns to make it look relatively bigger than it actually is. For this purpose, you can purchase a patterned rug. These elegant yet cheap rugs give the room a larger feel while corresponding with the color scheme. Fancy rugs for sale are quite common and you can easily find them in your local rugs store. They also give the room a modern look.

Fluffy and Comfy

If you are a fan of fluffy rugs, then you will love this bedroom rug idea. Purchase a large fluffy rug to cover a good portion of your wooden floor. Make sure to choose the color of the rug that goes well with your modern bed frame and dark espresso colored furniture. Fluffy rugs generally work well in any other room in the house.