Best Catholic Church Furniture

Seeking the best furniture for a Catholic church can be overwhelming, especially when you are unsure of where to purchase from. The furniture could be for a new Catholic church or to replace old furniture at the church. Whatever the occasion is, it is important the selected furniture is of high quality with the right design to suit the church.

Furniture such as hymn boards, baptismal fonts, and church chairs must be selected with care. For Catholic Church these may help, below are some of the best Catholic Church furniture.

  • Church chairs

Chairs are very important furniture in the Catholic Church. Some Catholic churches make use of long benches, while others make use of pew style church chairs. For Catholic Church these may help, these Pew Style Church Chairs are very appropriate for the church environment. They are also very comfortable for the congregation to sit in during the mass. The Chancel And Pulpit Chair is also the best chair to be used on the pulpit.

  • Flower stands

When purchasing furniture for a Catholic Church, flower stands should also be on the list. This is because placing flowers on the floor isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as placing the flowers on a stand. For Catholic Church these may help, this Woerner Flower Stand – 1044, gives a simple but admirable look to the church environment. The Woerner Flower Stand 131 provides a more medieval look to the church while the Woerner Flower/Pedestal Stand is simple and presentable.

  • Hymn Boards

Hymn boards are important church furniture as they display information on hymns to the congregation. Hymn boards can be free standing or wall mounted, based on your preference. With the right hymn board, a church can make a bold statement to anyone who walks into the church for the first time. For Catholic church these may help, the High Light Oak Hymn Board or the High Dark Oak Hymn Board can help you make the statement you desire. The Robert Smith Wall Mounted Hymn Board Walnut is also a good Catholic Church furniture.

  • Confessional screens and kneelers

When members of the congregation need to make a confession, it is essential that the confessional screen and kneelers are suitable for the purpose. Either when replacing old ones or getting new ones for the church, it is important the screen and kneelers are a great addition to the traditional setting of the church. For Catholic Church these may help, the Woerner Confessional Screen With Personal Kneelers is a more affordable option which comes with the screen and kneelers together. Other good confession furniture options include Woerner Confessional Screen – 176 and Woerner Confessional Prie Dieu Kneeler.

  • Lecterns and podiums

Lecterns and podiums can have a stylish while also serving their purposes. For Catholic Church these may help, some stylish lecterns and podiums include Acrylic Lecterns, Wood Lecterns – Full Size and Wood Lecterns – Portable.

With these furniture listed above, purchasing church furniture will not only be easier, but you will also get quality and stylish furniture to suit the church environment.