Guide to Choosing a Bedroom Rug

With so many rug styles and sizes available, it can be challenging to choose the right one for your bedroom. Area rugs are considered the fifth wall of any room, so choosing the right one is as foundational and important as choosing the right color for your wall. Here’s a guide to choose the rug style, material, size, as well as the proper bedroom rug placement that can make a pleasing visual impact.


When it comes to area rugs for bedroom, there are literally hundreds of different colors, looks, and styles to choose from. Making a bedroom rug selection is all about showing off your personal style and taste. If your bedroom is heavily decorated with brightly patterned comforters and pictures, then it would be a good idea to choose a more toned-down rug to contrast with the more ‘busy’ environment of the room.

If the bedding and furniture design are all in solid or more neutral colors, then it is recommended that you choose a bedroom rug with a lively pattern to set the room off. It is one of the best bedroom rug ideas as rugs with patterns truly enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the bedroom.


Apart from all the different rug color choices and style patterns available on the market, rugs can also be made of a wide range of different rug weaving materials. Bedroom rug ideas also include choosing the right material of the rug. Depending on your personal preference, whether or not pets may be involved, and how much traffic your bedroom usually gets, certain rug materials may be a more suitable choice as opposed to others.

Silk rugs look great and can add to the overall aesthetic appeal of your bedroom however, if there is a heavy traffic and pets in the bedroom, then the rug is prone to quick wear and tear. For a more durable bedroom rug placement, it is recommended that you go with wool or cotton rugs as they offer greater durability.


Following are some general size guidelines for areas rugs in a bedroom:
• King Bed: A 9′ x 12′ rug is recommended.
• Queen Bed: A 8′ x 10′ rug is recommended.
• Full Size: Either 6′ x 9′ or 8′ x 10′ rug is recommended.
• Twin Bed/Beds: 3′ x 5′ or 4′ x 6′ placed next to the bed will look great. A 3′ x 5′ or 4′ x 6′ size bedroom rug placement is also good when it comes to placing a rug between the beds.
• Best bedroom rug ideas include rug placement that extends 36″ on all three sides of the bed. This includes the foot and both sides of the bed.


Generally, you want your bedroom rug to sit under your bed. But make sure it is large enough to extend past the base of the bed and is visible on either bed sides. In this way, you can easily place the bed evenly on it and have enough rug area for easy navigation around your bedroom.