How to use CBD oil to put sleeplessness to bed

With traditional sleep aids having unwanted effects, such as dependency or side effects, more people are turning to CBD oil for sleep. This means that going to bed becomes a more relaxing experience when using CBD oil in the right way.

History of CBD Oil
Cannabis, which contains CBD, has been prescribed as a sleep aid as far back as 1500 BC in Hindu culture. The Chinese physicians were regularly prescribing cannabis as a sleep aid as far back as 1200 BC. The use of cannabis on and off over the following centuries in several different cultures as a sleep aid was for the most part a common practice. However, how the cannabis was introduced to the body varied considerably.
While some have used cannabis before going to bed, it also has THC which is the psychotropic element that causes euphoria and hallucinations to occur. CBD oil for sleep is free of THC but does contain other relaxing elements that are designed to help you fall asleep faster.

There has been considerable attention focused on cannabis over the past several years and CBD oil in particular starting in 2018. This is when the Farm Bill allowed for the unregulated use of industrial hemp which is the primary source of CBD oil in the US. While cannabis is also a source of CBD oil, industrial hemp contains little to no THC which is why it can be used widespread across the US.

Today, around 10% of Americans have reported using CBD oil to help them get to sleep. That number is expected to rise as the use of CBD oil becomes more widespread. This is because the advantages that are being reported by those who have used CBD oil are being accepted by the population in general.

While most studies are still in the early stages, there is a growing consensus that CBD oil works well for those who have trouble sleeping at night. While the evidence mostly points to short-term issues, such as the common stress and anxiety that many feel before going to bed, there are studies which show that CBD oil can be quite effective.

Non-Habit Forming: This aspect of CBD oil is certainly one of the best because you do not become addicted or reliant on the oil to help you fall asleep. One of the biggest issues with traditional sleep medications is that they become habit-forming so you cannot fall asleep without them. You can take CBD oil when needed and the next night and not have to worry about having to take it again.

Few Side Effects: Arguably the best argument for using CBD oil is that it has demonstrated few notable side effects, especially when compared to other, traditional sleep-inducing products. Prescription and over-the-counter medications are often addictive and carry other unwanted side effects such as drowsiness during the day which can inhibit the ability to focus at work.

CBD oil has not demonstrated any harmful or unwanted side effects of note when used in the proper amount. This is because the effect on the mind and body is quite mild. It is a gentle push towards sleep and not a hard shove as compared to traditional medications.

Lowers Anxiety & Stress: CBD oil is noted for creating a relaxed, calm feeling which means that it lowers the levels of stress and anxiety which are the two most common reasons why people do not get a good night’s sleep. By taking away the primary reasons for not falling asleep, CBD oil helps people to relax and fall asleep faster.

Natural Interaction: There are some studies which indicates that CBD oil interacts with the brain’s receptors which govern being asleep and being awake. This natural cycle is enhanced when CBD oil is used before trying to fall asleep by conditioning the brain in going to the next cycle. In other words, the oil enhances the process of switching the brain to falling asleep, although the research is still in the preliminary stages.

There is also the placebo effect that may be in place when taking CBD oil for sleep. If you believe it is going to work, then it stands a better chance of working.

Disadvantages There are relatively few disadvantages to taking CBD oil for sleep. The research so far demonstrates that there are two mild issues associated with CBD oil in terms of helping people fall asleep. Doesn’t Treat Insomnia or Serious Sleep Issues: This is arguably not surprising since true insomnia and difficult sleep issues are beyond the mild stimulation that CBD oil provides. For such issues, it is best to discuss options with your doctor. Doesn’t Work for Everyone: CBD oil has a different effect depending on the person who takes it before they go to bed. That means that you may fall asleep faster or you may have no reaction to the CBD oil at all. This depends on factors that cannot be measured in the body before you go to sleep. In other words, everyone is different which means that they will have a different reaction. Although in fairness there have been few, if any serious reactions to taking CBD oil in the recommended amount.

The truth is that CBD oil is still in the early stages of research which means that it may be years before a better understanding of just how it works, the side effects, and any issues are fully discovered. While much of the current studies are based on cannabis research, CBD oil does not contain THC which means that the results will be different to a certain degree.

You do not have to fear going to bed and facing insomnia or related issues when taking CBD oil for sleep. While it may not work for everyone in the same manner, CBD oil does induce a relaxing feeling that will help you unwind and fall asleep faster. Plus, you can get a good night’s sleep when using the oil combined with other relaxation techniques that are designed to reduce stress and anxiety with otherwise would keep you awake.