Interior Design Apps

Good interior design can be developed using simple applications. These apps enable interior design to be a DIY task. There are various services which are available on these apps, ranging from colour swatch to previewing objects in 3d augmented reality. This article will seek to establish the best design apps which are available on various platforms, preferably for mobile phones.

  • Havenly

Havenly started as an online interior design app where customers would get an expert opinion on various issues concerning interior design. It is an affordable interior designer, the only loophole being that you might never meet the interior designers for assistance. They will talk with you online, ask you a few questions and then match you with the most suitable interior designer.

Recently, they introduced an app which enables you to communicate with the interior designer frequently, ask questions and upload pictures of your home and get expert advice from the designers on call.

  • Smith Home Remodel

This app connects contractors with interior designers. It provides a platform where people can look for professional interior designers who can help them. The skill level of the designers vary, and you will get the skill level of your liking, from professional to average. They will do all sorts of tasks, from moving your living room furniture to doing a complete home makeover.


This platform enables you to shop for your favourite look. Because it has been connected with various platforms likeRewardStyle, the app redirects you to them whenever you click like on the image that you like. You will also be redirected if you screenshot an image. connects you to the sellers of these articles that you admire. Download the app and it will give you an option of buying the items later. This app has a huge social media following, with most home bloggers it to link it to shoppable sites.

  • Houzz App

This is an interior design app which enables you to shop for various items that you want in your house, ranging from living room furniture to kitchen appliance. It has been updated to include a new feature, View my Room in 3D. When you download the app, you will get to use this feature exclusively. The feature enables you to preview various items in your room before you can purchase them.

  • Colour Capture.

This app is available in android and ios operating systems. The app allows you to use more than 3500 painting options. If you take a picture of anything, the app will match up the item on your phone with the wide array of paints which are available. You can then share this information to your social media.

  • iHandy Carpenter

This app is like a virtual carpenter. When you download the app, you will be able to use it for various tasks around your home, like picking the right spot to hang your photo frame It has 5 tools which enable you to construct what you want. They include plumb bob, surface level, steel protractor and steel ruler. These tools enable you to go about the decoration of your home without necessarily having to possess the tools.

  • Colour Palettes

This app is available on IOS on a budget of 4 dollars. The app assists you in making colour decisions. You might want to throw in a new pillow but you do not know which colour would look nice. Color palette offers you the chance to try out the colour which will fascinate you.

  • Photo Measures.

When going to the store to buy living room furniture or kitchen appliances, you might have some trouble decoding the measurements of your home. This app gives you a solution to that. When you take a picture of your home or a room, you can record the dimensions on it. This will make it simpler to shop when you get to the store. The app is available for sale on IOS and Android operating systems at a cost of 7 dollars and 5 dollars respectively. Additionally, it has free lite versions where you can do some of these things for free. Download the app and reduce the hassle of recording dimensions on a piece of paper which will be easily lost or destroyed.

  • Mark on Call

Drawing floor plans and coming up with an interior design sound like a task that only professionals can do. Not any more after the introduction of this app. It enables you to do a task like move around living room furniture or draw up new designs of your room. It is easily accessible on IOS but it comes with a 5$ fee. It is easy to use, and once you fail in designing your room, you can start over quite easily.

  • Try On Wall

This is a good app which enables you to sample different gallery designs on your wall. It is simple to use. You get to design your own wall. The app is helpful if you do not know what to do with your walls. It is free on IOS. It gives you the chance of deciding how your walls should look like.

These are some of the interior design apps available on mobile phones. Download the apps if you want to design your room virtually.